Fresno Woman Calls for Clean-up at Homeless Camp – Gets Her Wish


Photo: Alisha Gallon


FRESNO, CA (KMJ) – A Fresno woman who called for the need to clean-up at a large homeless camp has gotten her wish.

Amber Hillman’s property is across from High Speed Rail property on Golden State north of Olive.


Amber Hillman tells KMJ’s Chris Daniel about homeless living by her property across from High Speed Rail property on Golden State north of Olive. Photo: Alisha Gallon.


A week ago, she told KMJ’s Chris Daniel there were more than 20 tents and dozens of homeless living there at Olive & West.

“I reached out to High Speed Rail indicating that we had a huge problem,” said Hillman. “I asked what they could do about it. There’s not much they can do. There’s no money in the budget.”

Other nearby businesses reached out to HSRA to demand action as well.

Photo: Alisha Gallon


As the show proceeded, KMJ learned calls were being made.

According to a neighboring business, there were about seven Fresno Police cars out there on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday afternoon, Amber called Chris again.

Chris Daniel: “Amber Hillman on the phone… Hey Amber, how are you? How’s your yard? How’s your ‘across the street’ yard?'”

Amber Hillman: ” You have no idea, I’m so excited, I’m so thrilled to see… just shinning the light and bringing it to the attention of others what’s been done. Like literally they did this, overnight.”

Photo: Alisha Gallon


The camp was cleaned-up and Fresno Police officers are still at the location, making sure its safe.

Click to listen to the report by KMJ’s Liz Kern: