Attempted Burglary in Northwest Fresno Leaves More Questions Than Answers


FRESNO, CA (KMJ) – An attempted burglary in northwest Fresno leaves more questions than answers.

Around noon on Friday, Fresno Police responded to a report of shots fired, just east of Marks on Barstow.

Fresno Police arrived and saw shell casings in the front lawn of a home.


Fresno County Sheriff’s Spokesperson Tony Botti says a young man inside the house explained that a burglary had just occurred.

He says his mom saw someone trying to break in on her Ring doorbell camera system.

He told police that after she called him, he arrived at the home.

He saw one suspect jump the fence in his yard, and went inside the home. He told police the house had been ransacked.

The young man said he called the cops, then heard rustling in the garage and found another suspect.


The man took off on foot, and that’s when the young man got into his truck and try to chase him down.

There are bullet casings on the ground outside the home, which Fresno County Sheriff Spokesperson Tony Botti says leaves more questions than answers; ‘Who shot the gun?,’ and ‘Was it the suspects or the homeowner?”

Botti said about 40 minutes after the incident they learned that there was a gunshot victim at CRMC, and they were waiting for him to get out of surgery to find out if he is connected to the incident.

There was no word on the man’s condition.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office has taken over the investigation because the home was located on a Fresno County island.

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