California DMV Finds Additional 1,500 People Wrongly Registered To Vote Under New System



FRESNO, CA (KMJ) – The California DMV finds an additional 1,500 people who were wrongly registered to vote under the new system.

The Department of Motor Vehicles made the announcement on Monday that people, including non-citizens, were wrongly registered to vote between late April and late September.

The errors are in addition to the roughly 23,000 registration mistakes disclosed by the DMV in September, the same month that the DMV suffered a systems outage caused by a “router issue.”

Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R-Fresno) released the following statement after learning that the Department of Motor Vehicles admitted 1,500 non-citizens were registered to vote.

“There is much more to see here than what the DMV is admitting to. They have either been hiding the truth from the public or are completely unaware of this voter registration disaster – either should be a startling realization for this Governor and the public. The DMV needs new leadership at the top immediately to address these major failures. We cannot trust the current management to fix the very problems they created.”

This latest error is another to add to the list that Assemblyman Patterson will be bringing back to Sacramento, next year.

The State’s Finance Department is conducting an audit that is expected to be done in March of 2019. The GOP says it will be twice the cost of the Independent State Auditor.