Dylan Noble’s Parents Settle with City of Fresno for $2.8M

FRESNO, CA (KMJ)  The parents of Dylan Noble have have settled for $2.8 million dollars with the city of Fresno.

The 19-year old was shot and killed June 25th, 2016 during a traffic stop that was captured by FPD officer worn body cameras.

The family reached an agreement in their federal lawsuit against the city during a settlement conference on July 27th.

Darren Noble, Dylan’s father, will receive over $1.2 million.  Veronica Nelson, Dylan’s mother, will receive just over $1.4 million.  Dylan Noble’s estate will receive $20,000.

Court documents specify the agreement is not an admission of guilt or liability by the city of Fresno.

Noble joint press release

Noble settlement

FPD officers pulled over Noble while looking for an armed suspect.  Noble was eventually found to be unarmed, but an autopsy showed he was intoxicated.  Police body camera showed Noble refusing to obey officers’ commands.  FPD Chief Jerry Dyer later said the deadly incident was justified.


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