Fresno Man Sentenced Prison Time For Felony Animal Abuse -Maltese Found Dead In Plastic Bag


[Photo: CCSPCA]

FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ) – The Central California SPCA says a Fresno man has been sentenced to two years in prison for felony animal abuse.

Police say Mark Anthony Estrada was convicted Monday after an investigation found he repeatedly abused a small white Maltese on several occasions, ultimately killing the dog.

According to the police report, the CCSPCA was made aware of the abuse after a person called in saying their roommate was kicking and hanging his own dog. The caller said similar acts of violent abuse had taken place in the past.

Officers arrived on scene and confronted Estrada. He told them he didn’t own a dog and but his brother confirmed there was one in the backyard.

After searching the yard, officers found a small, white female Maltese dead inside of a plastic bag.

[Photo: CCSPCA]

An official necropsy report revealed the cause of the young Maltese’s death was due to severe cranial damage, and internal bleeding within the brain and throughout the body. All eight ribs were also fractured.

Estrada will serve two years in local prison, 50/50 split (one year in prison, one year under supervision). He also must follow orders of Mandatory Ownership Probation 597.9(b), and is not allowed to own animals for 10 years.

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