Censured Madera County DA Tells Supervisors “You Can’t Fire Me”

MADERA (KMJ) — The District Attorney of Madera County has branded his censuring by the Board of Supervisors as “a political witch-hunt.”

The motion received unanimous support Monday morning inside Madera County Government Center Monday. The text attributed “offensive, degrading, and/or sexually suggestive comments” as well as “frequent outbursts of anger and inappropriate behavior” to DA David Linn.

“As it pertains to each of the allegations, some of the specific remarks I think are worth noting and I will place them in the record now as they were stated” said Kimberly A. Horiuchi, an attorney with Liebert Cassidy Whitmore (the firm which conducted the investigation into the allegations).

Her words were followed by a warning that the content of the comments were offensive and included profanity. The full report containing those comments can be found clicking here.

“It was a neutral independent investigation where I spoke to numerous witnesses, marshaled all the evidence, and made findings.

“Based on that, I made the findings of the sustained allegations.”

The District Attorney himself then addressed the Board of Supervisors and defiantly told them that, despite calls to do so, he will not resign.

“There was one complaint filed against me by a disgruntled employee. That employee had done similar actions in two other counties and filed similar complaints. Evidently nobody seems to care about that or what occurred in those incidents.”

The DA continued, telling the Board that he took on the job with a pledge to be open, transparent, and to clean up Madera County.

“There’s a reason that you can’t fire me: because I don’t work for you. I work for the citizens of Madera County and that’s the way the California Constitution reads.

“I am here to prosecute criminal activity. Whether I find that criminal activity in the ghettos of Madera, or the hills of eastern Madera County, or sitting in the Board Chambers of the Madera County Board of Supervisors.”

The District Attorney later confirmed that there are two ongoing investigations into both Supervisor David Rogers and Supervisor Brett Frazier. Both men deny any wrongdoing.

“This is about protecting our employees. Period. No other thing,” said Supervisor David Rogers.

“I find it interesting the timing of all the allegations toward myself and Supervisor Frazier. I never knew I was under investigation and that’s fine. My life has been an open book since I’ve been in office. All my paperwork has been filed.”

The same sentiment was echoed by Supervisor Brett Frazier.

“This is about the people. The people’s right to know what is going on and who that person is.”

Hear the report from KMJ’s Dominic McAndrew as it aired: