Joe Biden: America’s Worst President?

In less than five months, Joe Biden has brought this country to the brink.

After years of cowering under Donald Trump, terrorism is back and proud. Peace in the Middle East, one of Trump’s most spectacular achievements has been shattered. Biden simply unfroze billions of dollars of sanctioned money for Iran and topped it off with a quick 135 million dollar love gift. Within days Hamas rockets were raining down on Israel and Jews were being attacked on the streets of American cities. Four years of peace under Trump were in the past.

For some anti-Semites in Biden’s Democratic Party the death rate in Israel was not good enough. A writer, working for CNN, tweeted, “the world today needs a Hitler.” After pressure, CNN ended their seven-year relationship with the writer. Twitter, which banned former president, Donald Trump, and censors this writer, has apparently allowed 17,000 pro Hitler tweets.

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