Fans Angry After ‘American Idol’ Twist Backfires

Fans Angry After ‘American Idol’ Twist Backfires

“American Idol” fans are furious over the latest episode’s comeback twist. 

The show returned after a brief hiatus, but viewers soon tuned out after host Ryan Seacrest revealed that last season’s runner-up, Arthur Gunn, had secured a spot in the latest season’s top 10 after winning the “Comeback” round,” Yahoo! reported.

Earlier this year, 10 contestants from last year’s season, many of whom did not make it into last season’s top 10, returned to the stage for a second chance in the Comeback show.  Ultimately, Gunn was voted the winner after performing a cover of the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris,” giving him the opportunity to join the other top 9 contestants of Season 19. 

For his song in the special Disney episode, which had contestants covering hit singles from various Disney movies, Gunn sang “Remember Me” from “Coco.” His performance won the judges’ approval. 

“That was one of your best performances I’ve ever seen,” Katy Perry told the 23-year-old musician, according to USA Today. “It was amazing, and I always love when you do your own thing, because that’s who you are.”

Lionel Richie applauded Gunn for being able to turn the song into something unique.

“It is the greatest part of being a stylist when you can take any song and make it yours,” he said.

Despite the praise, Gunn, whose comeback meant that he had stolen a spot from other contestants who would have made the top 10 under normal circumstances, faced massive backlash from viewers. 

“Boooooooooooo!!! Alyssa should have made it. Not Arthur!!! He had his chance last year. So wrong!!,” one “American Idol” fan tweeted.

“I have a serious question for anyone defending this Arthur decision. Would you be okay if you were running a marathon with one lap left…then suddenly some random person starts running with you…and wins. You’d feel cheated right? Like damn why’d I even try,” another wrote.

“#AmericanIdol I think it was most unfair to put a contestant from last year into this year’s show. The voting showed that Arthur Gunn almost certainly kept either Alyssa or Cassandra from making the Top 7, which either of them deserved. Stupid idea,” a third tweeted.

“I like Arthur Gunn but he had his chance last year-and got to perform on the stage this year-but to take away one of this year’s contestant spots-not fair IMO. It’s their year,” another added. 

The 19th season of “American Idol” has seen its share of drama. In April, contestant Wyatt Pike shocked fans when he mysteriously dropped out of the show. The 20-year-old had just made the season’s top 16, but rather than claim his spot, Seacrest revealed Pike would no longer be appearing in the show. The singer later said he left due to “personal reasons,” but did not offer any further explanation. 

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