Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Part of Infrastructure Bill Like Stalinization

Dick Morris to Newsmax TV: Part of Infrastructure Bill Like Stalinization

Former presidential adviser Dick Morris compared President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill to the Stalinization of the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 1930s, saying one major thrust is to greatly reduce or eliminate small independent companies and contractors in favor of consolidation and unionization.

Appearing on Newsmax TV, Morris pointed to the Protecting the Right to Organize (or PRO) Act, which was passed by the House of Representatives in 2020 and has been revived for potential inclusion in Biden’s multi-trillion spending package. Including it in the budget bill will allow the Senate to adopt it with a simple majority vote under the so-called reconciliation procedure if the filibuster is not eliminated.’

“This is a bill that makes it illegal to work for yourself,” Morris said on “American Agenda.” “You basically can’t be a consultant, you can’t be a contractor, you can’t be a solo entrepreneur or even a freelancer. You have to go on the payroll of your clients.

“That’s designed to take 40 million people off independent small businesses and put them in big businesses that are easier to control.”

Additionally, Morris said the other intent of the PRO Act is to coerce people into unions.

“It repeals the right-to-work laws in 27 states,” he said. “And secondly, it says that when you form a union, right now the procedure is you have to check off a card and says, ‘I want to have a union election.’ And then they hold the election. And about a third of the time, the union loses. So obviously the card check is coercive some of the times, people looking over your shoulder: the shop steward, your friends, your neighbors.

“And what this bill would do is eliminate the election. There is no election, if a majority of the workers sign cards saying they want an election, no election, bang there is automatically a union.  So it’s a system designed to close everybody down, force them into large companies, force them to unionize and totally change the landscape in this country.”

Moreover, Morris says the intent is a radical overhaul of the United States’ economy.

“The point is to completely restructure our economy,” he said. “The metaphor I can think is Stalinization and collectivization in Russia in the ‘20s, when (Joseph) Stalin said ‘I want to manage the economy. I want to control it. But I can’t with all these individual farms…having small landholdings. So, I’m going to force them all into collective farms. And that way I can control them.

“He killed 20 million people doing it. I don’t think Biden is going to do that.”

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