4 Things You Are Doing That Put 10 Years on Your Life

If you look in the mirror and feel that Father Time is racing out of control, you may be doing activities that are proven to put 10 years on your life.

According to The Ladders, here are 4 things that can cause premature aging:

  1. Caregiving. Caring for an elderly parent, a patient, or even your children can accelerate the aging process. According to Caregiver.org, caregivers are more apt to report the physical, emotional, and mental strain of their efforts, especially those who are older and have been tending to loved ones for over a year. Almost half — 45% — of caregivers taking care of their spouses report extremely high levels of stress which can lead to neglecting their own needs. A report by California Health cites an investigation from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research that found that middle-aged caregivers were more likely to smoke, be obese, and binge drink than others in the same age category who were not taking care of someone.
  2. Retiring in the wrong ways. Some experts advocate that retirement can slow down brain function, but research shows that workers who toil in stressful environments for a long period of time have shorter telomeres, the ends of our chromosomes that experts say gauge longevity. Workers who are stressed out also produce more epinephrine, a hormone that can damage our bodies. So how do you retire sensibly? According to Aging and Mental Health Journal’s 2021 study on retirement, your latter years should be active with pursuits that keep the brain and body sharp. The study authors also recommended that older folks continue to engage in social activities.
  3. Living in denial. Denying that you are aging and avoiding medical checkups that can identify and remedy common health issues associated with the aging process is another way you can reduce longevity, according to The Ladders. Avoiding doctors is a huge issue for seniors, say experts, who say often comment that they are not pleased with the medical care they receive or cannot afford the cost.
  4. A pessimistic attitude. Being a curmudgeon will take years off your life, says The Ladders. Even being around toxic people can have a damaging effect on your health. A UCLA  study showed that healthy adults who had negative social experiences also had higher levels of proinflammatory compounds which could cause  depression, hypertensions, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, according to Insider.

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