Police Standoff After Wanted Man Climbs On Apartment Roof in Fresno

Police standoff after wanted man climbs on roof in Fresno (Photo: FOX26 Photojournalist Bert Montelongo)

FRESNO, Calif. (KMJ/FOX26) — A man wanted for Felony Domestic Violence climbed up onto the roof of an apartment complex and would not come down on Friday.

It happened just after noon at 3rd St. and Barstow Ave.

A woman said the Hispanic man in his mid-40s was following her Friday morning just before 9:00 am at the 7600 block of N. Blackstone, said she saw he had a gun.

She had some type of relationship with him but FOX 26 – KMJ’s News Partner said police couldn’t confirm exactly what kind of relationship.

She called the police and told them where they could find him.

When police showed up, they said he climbed up on the roof but believe he may be inside an apartment now.

A negotiator was on scene and Fresno police had the area surrounded.

The apartment complex was across the street from Hoover High School.

Summer school is in session but the school was not locked down.

Police say the man is wanted for Felony Stalking, Misdemeanor Brandishing, and Felony Domestic Violence.

by Stephen Hawkins/KMPH FOX26