FUSD: 488 Teacher Vacancies Must Be Filled by 2022-23 School Year

(Photo Courtesy: KMPH)

(KMJ) — Hundreds of Fresno Unified teaching positions will need to be filled as more and more educators retire or pursue other careers.

According to the Fresno Teachers Association (FTA), Fresno Unified will need to fill 488 teacher positions for the 2022-23 school year, which roughly accounts for 52% of all teacher vacancies within Fresno County.

“The increase in teacher vacancies should be concerning to everyone in our community,” said President of the Fresno Teachers Association, Manuel Bonilla. “FTA presented a comprehensive plan to Supt. Nelson that would improve professional retention & recruitment, while also addressing the unmet needs of our student population.”

Now, the FTA is calling on the school district to hire and keep the best educators for the 74,000 students within Fresno Unified. They are also asking Fresno Unified to improve healthcare coverage for district employees and to make improvements to salaries.

“We call on district leaders to avert a potential crisis by being proactive instead of doing the status quo,” said Bonilla.