Jim Patterson Introduces Bill to Help Survivors of Human Trafficking Clear Their Record

Photo: Courtesy Assemblyman Jim Patterson’s Office.

The bill addresses several issues survivors face when trying to start their new lives.

Jim Patterson says that current law enforcement agencies and the CA Department of Justice have one full year to eliminate a survivor’s record, which can cause a barrier for survivors to pass a background check for work.

Survivors are currently expected to pay fines and meet all probation requirements before they can ask a court to clear their record, which can be difficult if their record is preventing them from getting a job to have money to pay those fines.

Often a victim is unable to come up with the funds and prevents many from getting their record cleared.

This bill is said to prevent a court from refusing to hear a human trafficking victim’s petition to clear their record if they are unable to pay fines and/or meet probation requirements.

This bill is also said to protect survivors who have been unable to clear their record “within a reasonable amount of time.”

With this bill, survivors will be able to ask the court at any time after leaving the life to clear their records.

…these individuals have every right to expect that when they change their lives, they can change their record. And so these haunting convictions will follow them no more, they will be free from them. And they will be able to get the kind of jobs they have been turned down for.

Jim Patterson was joined by Mayer Dyer, trafficking survivors, and their supporters in law enforcement.

-by Lara Collins/KMPH/FOX26


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