Madera County DA Outraged – Convicted Yosemite Lake Park Arsonist to be Released Early

Madera County DA Sally Moreno holds a news conference Friday about the early release of Kenneth Allen Jackson. Photo: FOX26


MADERA, CA (KMJ) – Madera County’s DA holds a news conference Friday about the early release of Kenneth Allen Jackson is outraged over early release of convicted Yosemite Lake Park arsonist.

Madera County District Attorney Sally Moreno expressed her outrage at the early release of Kenneth Allan Jackson by the CDCR on Tuesday.

“The CDCR – the prison system – is releasing dangerous criminals in a way that is thoughtless. It is not transparent, so we don’t know when someone like this man who terrorized our community is getting out until the last minute. That’s why I and 43 other District attorneys around the state are in the process of suing CDCR, to force them to be more transparent, to let us look at their process about how they are doing it,” said Moreno.


Kenneth Jackson, Booking Photo: Madera County


Moreno said between May and June 2013, Jackson and an accomplice (his wife) were accused of setting 21 fires in the Yosemite Lake Park community over the five weeks leading up to their arrest.


Allison Waterman. Booking Photo: Madera County


Jackson was arrested along with his wife Alice Waterman on June 25, 2013, after a month-long investigation

Jackson was accused of setting tactical fires that would cause fire to run up a hill towards homes..

He was convicted of multiple counts of arson and sentenced to 20 years in state prison,

“This is an outrage” said Moreno, that Jackson served only eight years, and is eligible for review under the Nonviolent Offender Parole Review Process allowing him to be released from prison after serving much less than 20 years.

The Madera County District Attorney’s Office had so far been successful in opposing his release. The District Attorney and staff spend from 2 – 4pm at the Yosemite Lakes Park Community Church in Coarsegold, where they helped fire victims fill out forms.

“Together we can work to keep Kenneth Jackson from coming back to Madera County.” said Moreno.

Moreno said the forms would be faxed to the CDCR.


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