Fresno County Transportation Authority Approves Local Tax Dollars to Widen Highway 41


The Fresno County Transportation Authority (FCTA) voted Wednesday to approve the addition of the Highway 41 gap closure and safety project.

The money is part of the Measure C Expenditure Plan.

The approval by FCTA and Fresno Council of Governments allows Measure C funds to be combined with state and federal funds to complete Highway 41.

The FCTA Board includes representatives from Fresno and Clovis, an Eastside City, a Westside City, Fresno County, and two members at large.


“Today FCTA put an exclamation point on just how much our community supports this project,” said Assemblyman Patterson. “The neighbors, the commuters, and most importantly, the families of victims who have died along this stretch are pushing this movement and we are right there with them. We know that when the Central Valley speaks in a united voice, we can move mountains.”

Multiple sources of funding are needed to pay for the approximately $63 million widening project.

There is also a $20 million Congressional budget request that is still pending.

A significant portion of the funds needed would come from the State.

The project still needs approval from the California State Transportation Authority (CalSTA) who will need to include construction funding in the 2022 Interregional Transportation Improvement Plan (ITIP).

Once included in the ITIP the California Transportation Commission can allocate the necessary state funding.


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