Gov Asked To Declare Water Crisis

According to a news release from state Senator Andreas Borgeas, he along with a group of bipartisan lawmakers are requesting Governor Gavin Newsom to declare a statewide emergency in response to limited water supplies in California for this year.

The request comes after the Department of Water Resources announced a slim 5% water allocation for farmers on National Agriculture Day.

“As Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, I have repeatedly stressed how water and food security is a key component of our national security,” said Senator Borgeas.

“This bipartisan request from Valley legislators demonstrates the dire need for the Governor’s administration to take action and deliver more water to farms and rural communities.”

The letter is requesting that Governor Newsom not only declare a statewide emergency, but also allow valley lawmakers to meet with the Department of Water Resources and create a financial assistance program for farmers given the state’s unanticipated revenues.

Approximately 1 million acres of San Joaquin Valley farmland are expected to be fallowed over two to three decades because of reduced ground and surface water availability.

California is also expected to shed approximately 85,000 jobs lost as a direct result of reduced water access – not including indirect job loss from supporting industries.