Fresno City Council Passes “Zero Fare FAX Bus Act” in 5-2 Vote

FAX bus in front of Manchester Center in Fresno. Photo: FOX26 Photojournalist Chris Mabe.


FRESNO, CA (KMJ ) – Fresno City Council approves the “Zero Fare Clean Air Act” in a 5-2 vote Thursday afternoon.

The free FAX bus fares start March 1st and will last until end of emergency order.

The “Zero Fare Clean Air Act” was championed by Council Member Tyler Maxwell,

His initiative backed by co-sponsors Council Members Esmeralda Soria and Council Vice President Nelson Esparza, who say it’s a game changer for the city and struggling Fresno families.

Council members say 76% of Fresno residents make less than $20,000 a year while 77% of Fresno’s fax bus riders do not have access to a vehicle,

Supporters say the elimination of bus fares across the City of Fresno will encourage people to take public transportation, and increase fax bus efficiency and safety, and clean up the air.

Mayor Jerry Dyer is also fan, the two “no” votes came from Council Members Garry Bredefeld and Mike Karbassi.

Fresno receives up to $6 million a year in bus fare revenue

Council Member Maxwell says the city will find other sources to cover the costs.


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