Councilman Proposes 4 Resolutions to Reopen Businesses in Fresno

Photo: FOX26


FRESNO,CA (KMJ) – A Fresno City Council Member continues to push back against the local and state orders that are closing businesses during the pandemic.

Council Member Garry Bredefeld wants to see Fresno reopen, holding a press conference at City Hall on Wednesday.

“Politicians have betrayed the trust of their constituents by supporting Newsom’s ever-changing and arbitrary edicts that forced them to surrender their businesses, freedoms, and livelihoods.”

Bredefeld said the silent majority can be silent no more and they want all businesses, schools, churches, and City Hall to be reopened immediately.

“We must get back to a commonsense approach to dealing with COVID-19 that does not include destroying our children, rights, freedoms, and businesses,” said Bredefeld. “We will continue to push back against politicians who support these destructive and idiotic policies, and we must reject their heavy-handed approach to governing. This proposed lawsuit and resolutions do just that. It is time for businesses and the people of Fresno to stop suffering.”

Dr. Bredefeld proposed four resolutions to overturn the emergency orders imposed by the mayor and city manager. Those items will be on Thursday’s city council agenda.

  • Business Freedom Act
  • Anti Oppressive Government Act
  • Open City Hall to the Public Act
  • End the City ‘Snitch Hotline’

Bredefeld is calling on all businesses to open following CDC guidelines.

He’s also wants businesses to file lawsuits against Governor Gavin Newsom to reopen the state.

Bredefled says the governor has released 20,000 criminals onto streets, passed out 20,000 free needles to drug addicts every Saturday outside Roeding Park, closed schools and businesses, and after 6 months, he said it’s time for people to challenge the shutdown.

He said while the governor forced the closure of some businesses, people continue to fly in airplanes and shop at stores like Walmart, Loews, and Home Deport, which were never closed.

Bredefeld says the governor has labeled certain businesses like restaurants, hair & nail salons, theaters, zoos, and fitness centers and more as COVID spreaders without providing any data to support the claim.


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