Sen. Kamala Harris, Gov. Gavin Newsom Visit Fresno Wildfire Evacuation Centers

Photo: Gov. Newsom


FRESNO, CA (KMJ ) – Wearing their masks, Kamala Harris and Governor Gavin Newsom flew into Fresno on Tuesday to visit an evacuation center and talk with people forced to flee, as the wildfires rage on in the Sierra Mountains.

The pair toured a Fresno fire station, as part of the day’s agenda.

Sen. Harris and Gov. Newsom were to meet with local officials from Cal Fire, the Incident Management Team, and the Red Cross among others, then head to the site where the Creek Fire is burning near Clovis.

At least 35 people have been killed in the wildfires that burning in the western part of the United States but Fresno has not seen any casualties.




This was Senator Harris’ first trip back to her home state of California since early March, before the coronavirus pandemic stopped all in-person campaigning and states put restrictions in place to stop the spread of the virus.

The Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate and the Governor spent their time at the fire station, listening, and learning how the Red Cross is feeding people.

They were told more than 3000 people being served after being displaced by the fires, 1500 people are in hotels, and 700 were families, when asked by Sen. Harris abpout the number of children, they replie that half of those displaced the hotels are children.

Some of the problems were that people did not know resources were available, and migrants were afraid to use them or risk being deported.

On their way in through Prather, and later as they left the Red Cross evacuation center, as seen on Twitter posted by our news partner FOX26, they were met by lines of people carrying signs, the President Trump supporters chanting “four more years.”




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