Money Running Out for Selma’s Free Meals to Seniors, Program Asking For Help



Seniors in Selma are now receiving free meals right to their door to help get them through this pandemic.

The Selma Senior Center is currently not allowing seniors to eat their meals inside but is using volunteers to help deliver the food to their homes.

Right now the program feeds 275 seniors in Selma.

Due to lack of funding, the program now has to cut down to 196 meals for seniors.

Brandon Shoemaker, his wife Renee, and their children all help with deliveries on a daily basis.

He says his wife was devastated thinking about the veterans who deserve better in the community.

“It just struck a nerve you know with everything going on lately,” said Shoemaker. “Later in life you don’t need to face these issues.”

On Wednesday night, Shoemaker posted this on Facebook and asked if people could help with donations.

Facebook post from Brandon Shoemaker

In the post it states:

Mikal Kirchner, long time friend who runs the program has agreed to take a check from Renee and I for $202.50. Odd number you say? Here is the math. The school district provides the meals for $2.50 each. Multiply that by the shortage of 81 seniors. So, you to can help feed seniors for a day for the $202.50.

Since the post went up, Shoemaker says he has raised enough money to keep the seniors fed until mid-July.

While the program is continuing to apply for grant money, Shoemaker says any and all donations are welcome.

“Mikal has agreed to receive money through the Selma Community Enhancement Corporation which is a 501c3,” says Shoemaker. “Thus your check would be tax-deductible as a charitable contribution. The corporation will then purchase the meals. The money would never be diverted to the city’s general fund.”

Shoemaker says you can contact Mikal Kirchner at if you want to donate.

Central Valley Guns is also accepting money and food donations.