75 Farm Workers Exposed to Pesticides, Second Valley Incident This Month

Photo: Fox 26.


FRESNO COUNTY, CA (KMJ) — 75 farm workers exposed to pesticides in Fresno County, the second incident of exposure in the Valley in a month.

Fresno Fire and Hazmat responding to Kerman around 9:00 am., Thursday.

The pesticide was being sprayed nearby orchard near Goldenrod and Central.

3 people were transported to the hospital, Fresno Fire says 75 people were exposed to pesticides, 27 workers showed symptoms and were being evaluated.

Fresno Fire said the chemicals were Zylo insecticide, Nealta miticide and spray oil.

Just a week earlier, Hazmat crews responded to a vineyard in Dinuba where 63 farm workers were exposed by Road 56 and Avenue 408.

The chemical hexythiazox had been sprayed on a nearby field.


Gerawan Farming released the following statement:

Yesterday, a neighboring grower was spraying their fields in the area of West Central and South Goldenrod Avenues. There was a possibility that some spray drifted to orchards at nearby Gerawan Farming. where employees were working. Gerawan had not been given prior notice of the spraying. Immediate action was taken and emergency teams were called to the area to assess, medically evaluate and decontaminate the workers.


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