Fresno Firefighters Putting Out Flames Find Body Inside RV

Photo: Fox26

FRESNO, CA (KMJ) – Fresno Fire was called out on a rubbish fire by Orange Ave. & Lowe Ave., just west of the Fresno Fairgrounds.

When crews got there around 1:40 Thursday afternoon, they found an RV on fire in the backyard of a home.

After putting out the flames, Captain Robert Castillo said the fire crew found a body inside.

“They identified that they had a fatality, at that point, investigators and law enforcement were requested to respond to the scene,” said Captain Robert Castillo.

Fresno Fire and Fresno Police are investigating the circumstances of the fire.

Captain Castillo says they don’t know yet if the fire was accidental or arson, Fresno Fire is still determining the cause of the blaze.

“We do know that the property owner had allowed an individual to park the RV and reside on their property, temporarily,” said Captain Castillo.

It’s unknown if it’s a man or woman, no details of the victim’s identity have been released.

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