Tony Manes Biography

Tony Manes Profile PhotoTony Manes is a native of Huntington, IN (the home town of former Vice President Dan Quayle—remember when he misspelled “potatoe”?). He was an average student, a smart aleck and liked making people laugh. He attended Butler University majoring in Radio/TV. His radio career started in the small town of Lebanon, IN, before taking him to Indianapolis and Bloomington, IN, followed by a move west to Bakersfield, where he spent the last 20 years in management and on-air.

Manes and his wife Lea Anna have three children who are college graduates with good jobs living in Phoenix and New York City. Tony and Lea Anna enjoy their new (60 year old) Fresno home, visiting their children, dogs Molly and Sofie (a giant German Shepherd), hiking, watching sports and eating Mexican food. Manes describes working at KMJ as, “the biggest thrill of my professional life”.