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Born and raised in England, Dominic can be recognized on air by his British accent. He started working at BBC Radio Lincolnshire in 2007 whilst studying at the University of Lincoln. After graduating with a BA in Journalism and Politics and an MA in Journalism, he went on to work at BBC Radio York in…MORE

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Alleged Golden State Killer To Face Trial In Sacramento

SANTA ANA (KMJ) — Prosecutors from six different California jurisdictions have decided where Joseph James Deangelo will go to trial. The man alleged to be the Golden State Killer is facing 13 counts of murder and 13 counts of kidnapping to commit robbery. All charges against the 72 year old will be heard in Sacramento.…MORE


Castro Rejects Restricting Employee Speech: “Where Would We Draw The Line?”

FRESNO (KMJ) — Fresno State faculty and staff have been officially welcomed back to campus, but the Fall Assembly took place under the shadow of what President Joseph Castro described as “turbulence” from earlier in the year. “While we have undoubtedly been on an upward trajectory in so many different ways, we are living in…MORE


Chamber Says Public Safety Key – Opposes Measure P

FRESNO (KMJ) — The ‘Fresno for Parks’ initiative, now known as Measure P, does not have the support of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber announced on Friday that not including funds for public safety meant it could not back the proposal. “Our organization wanted and hoped that all sides would come together and…MORE