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Born and raised in England, Dominic can be recognized on air by his British accent. He started working at BBC Radio Lincolnshire in 2007 whilst studying at the University of Lincoln. After graduating with a BA in Journalism and Politics and an MA in Journalism, he went on to work at BBC Radio York in…MORE

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Council OKs Cannabis Business License Tax – Now Up To Fresno Voters

FRESNO (KMJ) — Fresno City Council has voted to move forward with a Cannabis Business License Tax, which saw strong words both for and against the motion vocalized inside Fresno City Hall. Those in support cited the financial benefits and increased revenue for the City of Fresno. Those against spoke about the impact on neighborhoods…MORE

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Senate Bill Blocking Children Under 12 From Prosecution Advances

FRESNO (KMJ) — A Senate Bill blocking prosecution for Californians younger than 12 years old, for everything but the most serious offenses, is progressing in the state legislature. SB 439 is designed to protect younger children from the impact of the justice system. The proposed legislation would see only allegations of murder, rape with force,…MORE


Vandal “Better Hope Those Veterans Don’t Find Him Before The Police”

FRESNO (KMJ/KMPH) — Anger from staff with Visalia Veteran’s Memorial Building after a memorial outside the site on Center Avenue, honoring those killed in the line of duty, is vandalized. Security footage from the organization shows an as-yet unidentified man walking up to the sculpture early Monday morning and pummeling it before it cracked open,…MORE