15-Year-old Female Student Arrested For Snapchat Threat to Edison High School


FRESNO, CA (KMJ) – A 15-year-old Fresno Unified Student is arrested for a threat made on social media.

The female student made the threat against Edison High School on the app Snapchat.

She showed a photo of guns, and told students to not come to school.


Superintendent Bob Nelson stood with Chief Jerry Dyer Thursday at Fresno Police Headquarters on Thursday to reiterate a message that they have been sending out for more than a year, that all threats are taken seriously.

Chief Jerry Dyer said even if it’s a joke to the kids the police investigate each and every threat as potentially credible.

It’s not the first time the two have had to tell students they are not kidding when they say its a criminal offense.

File: KMJ


“With new freshmen coming to campus, it’s talking to them about responsible social media use, and we will redouble our efforts. Obviously, this is something that we need to continue to educate in this space,” said Superintendent Bob Nelson.

The female student is in custody.

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