April 5-6: Derek Carr Presents: The Altar Conference

Derek Carr Presents: The Altar Conference
Who: National and Internationally acclaimed Speakers and Artist: Derek Carr, Mattie Montgomery, Heidi Baker, Corey Russell, Damon Thompson, Francis Chan. Music By: Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Nikki Mathis w/the Summit Sounds, Jeremy Riddle, Steffany Gretzinger.

What: A Worship Conference to promote family, community and prosperity in Fresno, CA.

Why: To bring the community (all families, genders, ages, race and religions) together to exalt Jesus. To showcase Fresno on a global level as leaders in the Central Valley for their unity, their worship and their commitment to a healthy community.

How: Pre-register at thealtar.org or thealtarconference.com. Tickets are $20 for both days.