Gerawan Farming Scores Major Legal Victory In Battle Over UFW Vote

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FRESNO, CA (KMJ) – Gerawan Farming scores a major legal victory after a years long battle with the State Agricultural Labor Relations Board over a vote by employees whether or not to join the farmer workers union.

Company President Dan Gerawan spoke on Ray Appleton’s show after the State Supreme Court turned down an appeal by the ALRB to review a lower court ruling on counting votes cast by Gerawan Farming employees whether or not to be part of the United Farmworkers Union.

KMJ’s Ray Appleton, “Dan you gotta be happy.”

“Very pleased, of course,” responded Dan Gerawan.

“When did this come down, this decision?” asked Ray Appleton.

“Just yesterday, it means the votes will finally be counted almost five years after the election, ” said Dan Gerawan

The 5th District Court says they have instructed the Board to open the tally.


Gerawan worker Sylvia Lopez was organizing the anti-union fight.

Her attorney Anthony Raimondo (above), speaking on the Ray Appleton Show, said he’s already reached out to the Regional Director Chris Schneider in Visalia, who is responsible for the election, letting him know the court was not going to review the election, and asking for three things.

“I asked for immediate confirmation of the location of the ballots, with documentation of the chain of custody meaning whose been in possession of the ballots since the election to the present day,” said Raimondo to KMJ’s Ray Appleton during his show on Thursday.

“The 64 dollar question,” said Ray Appleton.

Raimondo continued, “I asked for immediate opportunity for all attorneys to have access to the ballots to inspect the sealed ballots for damage or interference, and then lastly I asked for a tally of the ballots to be held within the next 24 hours,” said Raimondo.


Raimondo said he has also reached out to the board of the ALRB.

“At present, the board is waiting for the court to issue what is called a remittitur,” said Raimondo, “then once jurisdiction is returned to the board we are told quote ‘it will follow all applicable procedures’ which is government speak for ‘watch your behind.'”

KMJ has reached out to the UFW for comment.

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