Vandal “Better Hope Those Veterans Don’t Find Him Before The Police”

Image courtesy of Fox 26

FRESNO (KMJ/KMPH) — Anger from staff with Visalia Veteran’s Memorial Building after a memorial outside the site on Center Avenue, honoring those killed in the line of duty, is vandalized.

Security footage from the organization shows an as-yet unidentified man walking up to the sculpture early Monday morning and pummeling it before it cracked open, leaving it bent and in pieces. The person responsible then walked away.

“We’ve already heard from several veterans that are extremely upset,” explained David Sirkin with Visalia Memorial District.

“This individual better hope that those veterans don’t find him before the police does, because the police may end up with whatever is left over.”

Image courtesy of Fox 26

On the organization’s Facebook page, officials revealed that the next step will be decided on by the Board of Directors.

Visalia Police has begun an investigation into the incident; anyone with information should contact the department.

Hear the report from KMJ’s Dominic McAndrew as it aired: